An Experience Course Free

An experience course is provided to any Aikido applicants for free at our Dojo.


Whether you feel now hesitating or not, please visit us with any sportswear at first and enjoy your own experience from this course.


A glance of those items as listed below may help you decide to do so with much more ease:

           Which faction of Aikidos is our Dojo?

           Who is the Aikido master of our Dojo?

           Where is our Dojo located?

           When is the Aikido practiced?

           How much are membership fees of Aikido?

           Who are eligible to join us?


From your actual experience, we believe that you may indeed perceive the very atmosphere of the Dojo. Of course, you may visit us and simply watch also our practice there.


What is of the utmost importance is to come here once and, with your own eyes, to confirm the perception by yourself.


            Which faction of Aikido is our Dojo?

Now, there two major Aikidos in the world. One is the Youshinkan Aikido and the other is the Aikikai.


Our Dojo “Seiseikai Kawasaki-Tsurumi” belongs to the Yoshinkan Aikido.

We are a member of the Seiseikai organization which is a faction of the Youshinkan Aikido.


The Yoshinkan Aikido was founded in 1925 by the late Mr. Gozo Shiota 塩田剛三, one of some disciples of Morihei Ueshiba “植芝盛平”, a frontier of our traditional Japanese marshal arts, which is calledAikido.

Seiseikai was done then by the late Mr. Kiyoyuki Terada “寺田精之”, a junior of Mr. Gozo Shiota to develop and propagate Aikido worldwide in collaboration with him.


          Who is the Aikido master of our Dojo?

Mr. A. Takayama, the fifth Dan, is the master of the Dojo.


His careers are as briefly described below:

1995 March

           started Yoshinkan Aikido,

2010 November

won the First Prize of the Black Belt competitions for the 55th Yoshinkan Aikido Comprehensive Competitions.

2012 January


won the Excellent Prize of the 46th Yokohama New Spring Sport Competitions.


           Where is our Dojo located?

It is at the gymnasium for marshal arts in Yokohama Senior High School, which is located at the address below:

1-1, tsurumi shimocho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 230 – 0024


Please note that there is no parking lot there. Please park your car in the toll parking nearby when you visit there.


           When is the Aikido practiced?

It is practiced as follows:

1)   Every Thursday ,

2)   from 19:30 to 21:00 ,

Please note the Japanese holidays are closed.


           How much are membership fees of our Dojo?

Enrollment fees are as shown below:

Annual                Monthly

1)   Monthly dues                                          ¥ 3,000

2)   Annual fee                                              ¥ 3,000

3)    Admission fee               ¥ 2,000

 ¥8,000 is paid in total as an enrollment.


           Who are eligible to join us?

Any person male or female over eleven (11) years old is eligible.


Please apply and send us in the form as shown below.


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